Mitcheldean Light Parade

What's It All About

The idea for the Mitcheldean Light Parade started 10 months ago when we were considering what we would do as an alternative celebration to Halloween, which can be quite an intimadating evening for many in our community. Continuing the mandate we believe God gave us over 10 years ago to celebrate light and all that is good rather than darkness, the Mitcheldean Light Parade was born.

The idea is a simple one, build lanterns and process them through the village and invite as many different groups, organistations and people from our community to take part every step of the way.

This is a completely new event for us this year and we're really excited to see what God can do with it.

When & Where Is It?

On Wednesday 31st October, 6:30pm, starting at Mitcheldean Community Centre we will be processing the lanterns through the village (if you wouldlike to know the route, please get in touch) finishing on St. Michael's Church lawn where refreshments will be served and we can all get to know ech other little better. We politely ask that no Halloween costumes are worn but please do wear brightly colour clothing and help us light up what can be one of the darkest nights of the year.