About Us

Forest Gate Church is made up of people who believe that God is as relevant today as He ever has been. We enjoy meeting, worshipping and learning about Him as we go about everyday life, and we call each other FAMILY. 

From God's Word, we see church as something you are and not attend, and as such we enjoy midweek activities that build up our faith. We encourage, challenge, support and disciple each other and model accountability to our leaders and them to us. We are passionate that Church is God's designed way to assist those in need, bring healing to the hurting and introduce Jesus as a personal Saviour to all we share life with.  Our members come from all walks of life - young, old, academic, creative, the extravert, radical and reserved. We celebrate the diversity of people as God's creation, yet come together in unity under Jesus.

Our Vision is to:

Serve - Just as Jesus served His disciples and instructed them to do the same to others, we serve our community whether by helping in schools, hosting meals for senior citizens, operating clean-up crews for our town, or partnering with other community groups to organise community fun days.

Reach - As Jesus said that His purpose was to seek and save the lost, we aim to fulfill His mandate to do the same. As such we want people to know that Jesus loves them, and died so that they could be free in life. We want to see people become followers of Jesus.

Nurture - The Bible tells us that we are to encourage each other in the ways of God, and that we should strive to become more like Jesus. Therefore we invest in each other as we grow together in our faith.

Send - As Jesus was sent, so we follow His instructions to send out others. This involves training and resourcing those called to minister in all sorts of ways.