Financial Support

People in Church often don't like talking about money, but Jesus had lots to say on the subject, so we should know what we believe regarding finance and why. First it's important to say that finance should not be a hurdle to anyone being part of the Church, nor should it be a hurdle to obeying what God has challenged us to do in faith. Yet at the same time we are told in the Bible to count the cost of any project before starting it, which means that we are charged with using wisdom and being good stewards.

It's simple - the Church has a mission to fulfil - a job to do, and the people who care about that purpose need to also be responsible for equipping the workers, and providing tools for the job. That equipping can be in a variety of ways; but we read in the new testament that the Christians sold property and assets to enable the Church to support others and do the work that Jesus commissioned it to do.

The responsibility of the Church body:

  • To give generously of time, energy and money, in proportion to what God has entrused them with
  • To make sure we never serve money instead of God
  • To have a cheerful attitude when giving, not giving begrudgingly.

The responsibilty of the leaders & Charity Directors:

  • To make wise decisions regarding the spending of that money to equip the work of the Church.
  • To make sure that finance flows through and out of the Church instead of being stockpiled.
  • To partner with outside agencies appropriately, when the work of the Church addresses community needs for which funds are made available through agency grants or awards.
  • To divert agreed percentages outside of our immediate area of work in order to equip the wider work of the global Church.

We don't suscribe to the 'prosperity' message that you may see on TV or from some Christian sources, as we don't beileve that we should give to get back in return.

And finally, we are such a blessed nation and a blessed society in the UK. Yet consumerism and advertising continually tells us that we need and deserve more stuff, and that happiness comes from a full lifestyle. We believe that giving to God MUST cost us something if it is to be true worship. Therefore we should prayerfully consider what financial contribution God would have us make, and plan that into our priorities each month.  Our financial support shouldn't be just taken from leftovers after all other luxuries have been covered. God deserves our best, and therefore we encourage people to budget that as an expense.

If you would like to give regularly to Forest Gate Church, please set up a standing order with the details below:

Bank: Santander
Acct: 43131937
Sort Code: 09-06-66

If you pay tax, you will almost certainly be able to direct your 'Gift Aid' amount to the Church as well, effectively adding 25% to your financial donation without any cost to you. Please complete a form below and send it to us. We will then give you a unique Gift Aid Number which will enable any future gifts - whether cash, BACS, paypal or standing order payments, to be giftaided as well.


Gift Aid Declaration Form